πŸ”΄ Education powerπŸ”΅

   Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, proper conduct, technical proficiency, learning etc.  Education includes knowledge, proper conduct and technical skills, teaching and learning, etc.  Thus it focuses on the advancement of skills trades or professions and mental, moral and aesthetic issues.


 πŸ‘‰Children studying under a tree in a      school in Afghanistan

       Education is an attempt by a generation to transfer its knowledge to the lower generation of society.  With this idea, education works as an institution, which plays an important role in connecting the individual with the society and maintains the continuity of the culture of the society.  The child learns the basic rules, systems, norms and values ​​of the society through education.  The child is able to connect with the society only when he is oriented with the history of that particular society.

     Education is the process of developing the inherent potential of a person and his personality.  This process "socializes" him to play the role of an adult in the society and provides the person with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a member of the society and a responsible citizen.  The word 'Sanskrit' is made by applying the suffix 'A' in the word 'Shiksha' of Sanskrit language.  'Shiksha' means to learn and teach.  The word 'education' means the act of teaching-learning.

   When we see the use of the word education, it is broadly used in two forms, broadly and narrowly.  Education in the broadest sense is a purposeful social process going on forever in a society by which the innate powers of man are developed, his knowledge and skills are increased and behavior is changed and thus he is made a civilized, cultured and capable citizen.  Man gets and gets new experiences moment by moment, which affects his day-to-day behavior. 

    This learning takes place informally through various groups, festivals, magazines, radio, television etc.  These learning-teachings come in a broad and comprehensive form of education.  Education in the narrow sense is a purposeful social process in a society at a certain time and at certain places (school, college) in a systematic manner, through which the student learns to pass the relevant examinations by studying a certain syllabus.


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